Why Bisrate Gebriel is the New Bole: Part Two

We recently highlighted the unique attractions of the Bisrate Gebriel neighborhood, an area that contains two of our project sites and the location of future Betopia communities. Though Bole has always held a unique urban energy plus the elegance of an old and vintage residential neighborhoods, it has become a highly congested urban destination with skyrocketing rental prices. The similarities between Bole and Bisrate Gebriel include their shared restaurant franchises and complex mix of diplomatic residences, commercial complexes and popular international tourist spots.

However, Bisrate Gebriel is the growing to be second to Bole when it comes to the concentration of eateries, branches, services, residential neighborhoods and other comforts a city can bring. In addition, the presence of International Community School community members, diplomatic community members and residents of the Bisrate Gebriel area creates a unique social life that can not be found elsewhere in Addis Ababa. In addition to major franchises, such as Effoi Pizza, Bake’n’Brew, Garden of Coffee, and major banks, the area also boasts the presence of two churches; Mekane Eyesus Church and Bisrate Gebriel Church close by. 

Afroville Luxury Apartment, just past the Bisrate Gebriel roundabout, is the ideal residence for smart investors and premium residents for all of these reasons above. Within 10 mins drive from the African Union and only minutes away from the main roads, Afroville is situated in the most in-demand neighborhood in the city. Afroville pushes the envelope when it defines diplomatic luxury, while boasting apartment units that take up a whole floor in one of three apartment blocks. In addition, it has strict security checkpoints and a concierge services that ensures your guests are treated like royalty, while also making sure you are safe and secure.Fitted with amenities such as a café, a swimming pool and a children’s playground, Afroville is set to become one the highlights of the Bisrate Gebriel neighborhood. If interested, check out our models and follow us on Facebook ( @betopiaproperties ) and on Instagram ( @betopiaofficial ) for more!