Betopia: The Story

We have been working behind the scenes for two decades, yet you are probably hearing about us now and its time we told you more.

Betopia founder and visionary, Sukeri Kheiredin, has independently developed and delivered over 100 homes in the Old Airport area like villas and multiple-floor homes to families and community members, to which he is familiar and trusted, as he grew his network and expertise in the community. As his reputation and capacity grew, the dream and the vision grew, as well.

It is the vision of going beyond real estate development into providing full real estate services for the community that, in 2016, finally resulted in a company which officially emerged as Betopia Properties with the mission of being the best part of the urban development in Addis Ababa and providing for the quality housing needs of the new home-owning generation. Even more, we will be instrumental in bringing a new standard of real estate services while leaving our unique mark on the Addis Ababa skyline.