Why Bisrate Gebriel is the New Bole : Part One

Even without considering the concentration of eateries, banks and major offices in the area, Bisrate Gebriel still stands out due to its unique mix of residential and commercial activities, nestled in the safest diplomatic zone of Addis Ababa. Bisrate Gebriel church is located down the road from Lafto Mall, Adot Tina Complex, Home Depot and five minutes away from various restaurants, bars and shops. In addition, it is in close range to the African Union Headquarters, International Communities School, and Gibson Youth Academy.

Over time, Addis Ababa’s sub-cities have gained a distinctive social lifeand identity that defines not just the neighborhood but the residents living in the neighborhoods. These identities bring together lifestyle options such as recreational activities, nearby schools, safety and access to emergency facilities such as hospitals, police stations, and clinics. 

In addition, the Bisrate Gebriel and Sarbet area have the higher concentration of diplomatic residences and embassies out of all the sub-citiesin Addis Ababa. This not only elevates the choice for Bisrate Gebriel as one ofthe safest neighborhoods due to the spread of police and protection, but it also gives families a sense of comfort when considering the safety of their children playing in their neighborhoods or outside the home. 

Betopia Properties is currently developing two properties in the Bisrate Gebriel area: Afroville Diplomatic Apartments and Vikhaus Apartments. Checkout our Facebook and Instagram pages to learn about the status of these projects or contact us at our head office in front of Vatican Embassy to view our real-life architectural models.