Current Demands for Quality Apartments

As a developing city, Addis Ababa has a severe housing problem. It lacks the proper quantity and quality of housing to serve the next homeowner generation. The next generation of homeowners includes young professionals, families, couples, and an influx of diaspora or members of international community that rent and live in Addis for various purposes. It also includes individuals that want to invest in real estate as a good source of continued revenue or to resell at a higher rate in the future. Our clients have many reasons for investing in real estate and buying our apartment units, but what stays consistent is the demand from the public for quality housing that is delivered on time and on-budget. Though it has been a rocky road in the past decades, prominent real estate and construction companies have been able to deliver such homes all around the country, most notably in the outskirts of Addis Ababa near CMC, Ayat, Summit, Lebu and other up and coming neighborhoods.

The economic liberalization process being undertaken in the country is a strong commitment from the government to create a supportive environment for development, especially in the private sector. Increasing numbers of high-income groups and individuals are showing a keen interest in the luxury high end apartment sector. One reason is finally being owners of a home in the city of Addis. A second reason is an investment for their own future or the future of their children. Regardless of which reason one has to buy an apartment, it is definitely one of the smartest decisions in terms on investment in a developing city with brimming potential.

Being able to own a home in the middle of Addis Ababa is a major advantage going forward into the bright era of development set forth by the Ethiopian government. In fact, as real estate is being heavily invested on, more and more attention will start to be payed to the value of real estate and the construction industry. We expect Betopia to be at the forefront of the change! We expect to lead the way into creating a dependable and trustworthy brand around apartment living for the modern home owning generation. Follow us on Facebook (@betopiaproperties) or Instagram (@betopiaofficial ) to keep up with our mission of building lifestyle.