From Classic Villas to Multi-Story High Rises

Betopia’s founder has been very active in the housing industry for the past two decades, working intensely in in the Old Airport community to deliver quality homes designs and construction. With a combination of intelligent financing, community trust, and uncompromising dedication to leaving the city better than he found it, our CEO was able to deliver over 100 villas and homes to the families of the area! What is even more heart-warming is the ever-growing community around what is now called Betopia Properties, a company built on the efforts of our CEO with the support of partners and stakeholders that are part of the daily operations. The progression from developing villa homes to erecting major landmarks is not an easy one. In fact, it is an underdog story that defines the current hustle of establishing a customer-centered business, one where there are many other companies attempting to do the same with varying degrees of success.

Our company stands on the integrity of its founders and the shared vision of building lifestyle in the next home-owning generation in Addis Ababa.  This vision is now taking shape in the development of multi-story high rises that have both residential and commercial uses. New Hope Luxury Apartment, for example, is our highlight property that is perfect for families and individuals that want to have variety and lifestyle options, whether it is indoor game rooms, a library, spa, jogging tracks or even a bakery! Our current properties are located in the heart of Addis Ababa in areas such as Bisrate Gebriel, Kazanchis, German Square and Olympia amongst others. We have come a long way from developing villas and are now shaping landscapes across Addis. It is a major accomplishment to have set the foundations for these high rises and as we progress into finishing construction and can move into managing our properties, we hope to reflect on how far we have come. In addition, we are certain the challenges ahead are small compared to the 
growing sense of community and change that this company has been able to develop. The shared vision of building lifestyle in Addis Ababa drives the activities of Betopians across the entire company. 

Moving into our sales season, we want to reiterate the story of Betopia and the vision it has for the city. Follow our story on our Facebook ( @betopiaproperties) and Instagram (@betopiaofficial) pages and make sure you keep an eye out for the fingerprint of Betopia in the hotspots of Addis Ababa.